Continuing on…

24 05 2011

I am still working at this health and wellness thing… It’s going to be a lifelong process I can tell! Since that is the case, I thought I’d start a fresh blog that showcases not only my health and wellness journey, but also the other aspects of my life. Hobbies, interests, what’s working, what’s not… But most of all, I want to continue to be a resource, an example (positive or negative! lol), and most of all, a friend.

I think everyone, no matter their size, has insecurities in one way or another. So I wonder, what would happen if we just stopped for a moment, and focused on good. What if we stopped criticizing, pointing out flaws, maintaining negative self talk, and instead began praising, pointing out our beauty and uniqueness, and began loving self talk?

The voice in my heart and head is very negative, but I’m sick of that. I’m sick of feeling unworthy, not good enough, not this or that… Because my best is good enough. My best today is not necessarily my best tomorrow or next week, but right now, in this moment, my best is all I have and it IS good enough.

This journey of mine is more than a weight struggle. It’s a journey to love and acceptance. It’s a journey to discovering the root of my insecurities and replacing them with love and respect and acceptance.

I hope to be real, and raw, and shocking in my openness and honesty. I want to be held accountable to my best and nothing more.

What if your best was good enough? What if what you have to offer is just right? What if the expectation was not only achievable, but positive and doable and required nothing more than what you have give?

These are the thoughts in my head lately… I’m tired of hating myself and feeling worthless. Because I’m beautiful. Right now. I may not be where I want to be, but for today, where I am is enough. Each choice, each decision is mine for the making. I can’t be better tomorrow if I don’t live in the moment today. So, this is truly a one day at a time, one moment at a time journey. Maybe,  just maybe, we can enjoy the ride rather than dread it! 🙂