Yoga App? Really?

4 09 2011

At this point in my life I just don’t have the extra funds to join a “real” gym. I am so fortunate that my job has very nice gym with weight machines, cardio machines, free weights, etc; but I also love classes like yoga, zumba, etc, so not really having a way to do that right now I was trying to find ways to do them at home.

I found this app, My Yoga Routine, for my Android phone. I was very quite skeptical about using my phone to do yoga. I mean, could it really be as good as a video or class? Really? The answer is, yes! I did the 15 minute sun salutation routine and it was really good!

It’s even good for those who have never taken yoga or are very new to yoga. It has explanations for each pose and they are very detailed and easy to follow. When you’re ready to go through the routine, it has a seamless video that takes you through each pose. It was easy to follow (yes, even on my phone screen) and it felt great. 🙂

So, this week I achieved two goals: (1) Write 3 blogs, and (2) Yoga/Meditation. Yay!

Since I was sick this week, I did not get any cardio in – boo! But tomorrow starts a new week and I’m going for a minimum of 3 cardio sessions this week (maybe more?). I also did not consistently track my points – ugh! But, again, it’s a new week. 🙂

Despite once again not meeting all of my goals, I’m feeling really good about things. Here’s to a new week with even more accomplishments! 🙂




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16 09 2011

Oh, and another thing you may want to check out is to see if any local yoga studios or schools have days where they do donations only. I go to a yoga studio that has a class once a month and it is by donation. You just give what you can, if you can, in a private donation basket.

16 09 2011

I wonder if they have that same app for the iPhone? I would love to have another resource for yoga available to me 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it! Also, keep your eye on Groupon’s website. They always have great deals for 8 or 10 classes at yoga/zumba/pilates etc going on it seems! That’s how I found two of the places I go to. one was like $20 for 10 classes- crazy good price!

5 09 2011
Simply Sidney

Thank you so much for bringing yoga apps to my attention, it’s exactly what I need right now too!!! Sounds like you must be feeling better and I’m glad. You should be feeling really good about things!! And I’m looking forward to another 3 blog posts this week!!! 🙂

6 09 2011

Thanks! I am feeling better physically and also mentally. 🙂 I’m ready to crank out those posts and I’ve already gotten in some cardio! 🙂

5 09 2011

I’m very surprised that the app was useful. It seems as if it would be hard. If you have comcast they have a lot of great yoga videos on demand, that’s what I use. Here’s to another great week, track those points, girl, that’s the easiest way to get off track and the hardest thing to get back into. I am trying so hard to start again!

6 09 2011

I was surprised too! I have Brighthouse, but don’t have the exercise on demand channel. I’m going to start looking for more apps to see if they’re any good too 🙂

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